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If you’re not getting exceptional support, guaranteed response times and proactive advice from your current umbrella company, it’s time to switch to First Umbrella!

There are many reasons why contractors are switching to us.

Transparent competitive margin

Our fixed net margin is transparent and agreed up front, so there is no joining or leaving fees as our employee. We only retain a small margin when you work and you’re free to leave whenever you choose.

What sets us apart

All First Umbrella employees are employed on full, overarching contracts of employment. We never breach the National Minimum Wage rules and we guarantee at least 336 hours of work in any one year. All First Umbrella employees receive at least 28 days of paid holiday and we make all the correct deductions and payment of PAYE tax and national insurance to HMRC.

We also provide a host of other value added benefits, such as access to mortgages, pensions and wealth management, plus a range of exciting employee perks.

Our award-winning cloud portal, accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC, allows you to submit your timesheets in seconds and upload photos of your expense receipts on the go. You can also view your payslips and expense claims, 24/7.

Your dedicated support manager will take the time to answer any questions and help you every step of the way.

For more information on how we can support you, get in touch with us today on 0207 148 1583, or email enquiries@firstumbrella.com

Some of the benefits of choosing First Umbrella

  • Quick-and-easy setup
  • Competitive margin
  • Excellent take-home pay
  • Unrivalled support and guidance
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Employee perks and excellent benefits
  • Your own dedicated expert support manager
  • Help with securing a new assignment
  • Cutting-edge technology, your own online cloud employee portal
  • Online access to everything you need, 24/7

We’ll make sure your transition is seamless, hassle-free and even deal with your agency and previous umbrella, so you don’t have to.

Switch to First Umbrella today!


I'm an accountant myself but I must say I couldn't have done without the support of First Umbrella. – Mugu S.

What I love is that they took the time to meet me in person. I certainly feel I can trust them. – Nadia D.

First Umbrella have provided me with excellent support every step of the way. They genuinely care. – Bhargavi P.

The team are knowledgeable and their customer service is outstanding! – Chieme M.

I've worked with many accountants over the years. None have come close to First Umbrella. – Daniel J.

They genuinely care about my business and personal finances. – Jennifer W.

First Umbrella have provided me with an outstanding level of expertise. I highly recommend them! – Linda P.

I love having 24/7 visibility of my business finances. The 'live' business bank feed is an excellent feature. – Guido M.

What I love is that they took the time to meet me in person and explain everything clearly. – Olufunmilayo A.


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